Using Huginn Scenarios to Save Money

This is my fourth post about Huginn, a tool that I’ve been working on with the generous support of other open source collaborators. Huginn is a light-weight platform for building data-gathering and data-reacting tasks for everyday life. Think of it as an open source Yahoo! Pipes, IFTTT, or Zapier.

In this post I will show you how to setup money-saving deal alerts with Huginn, and then share those alerts with other Huginn users using our new Scenarios system.

Problem: I love deal sites, but don’t want to check them every day.
Solution: I’ll let Huginn keep an eye on deal sites, and alert me when new interesting deals are available.

Since we’re planning to share this alert with our friends, let’s start by making a new Huginn Scenario. In Huginn, Scenarios are useful for two things: 1) grouping sets of Huginn Agents for easy navigation, and 2) sharing sets of Agents.

Here are some of my Scenarios:

Okay, let’s make a new shared Scenario to hold Agents that monitor Slickdeals.

Now, make a new RssAgent to consume the Slickdeals data. For the url, use

I set my RssAgent to consume the Slickdeals RSS feed once an hour, emitting new events for each entry. I only keep the events for 7 days, since it will save space, and I doubt I’ll want to look back at them. Notice that I put the new Agent in the Scenario that I had just created.

I clicked “Run” on the new RssAgent and gave it a moment to create its first batch of events. I clicked on the Events link in the Agent and viewed one of the new events:

Based on this, let’s now make a TriggerAgent to watch the RSS feed for interesting items:

For the options, I did something like this:

  "expected_receive_period_in_days": "30",
  "rules": [
      "type": "regex",
      "value": "skyrim|fandango",
      "path": "title"
  "message": "{{title}}: {{urls | first}}"

This configuration should trigger on any title that has the word “skyrim” or “fandango” in it. I did this because I’m looking for a deal on the Skyrim game, and also for discounted movie ticket deals. You can do anything you’d like here! Notice that I used the Liquid syntax {{urls | first}} to grab the first url from the event, based on the fact (visible in the Event image above) that it contains an array of urls.

Finally, I wired this to an email Agent so that I receive quick emails when new deals show up:

Happy with this new Scenario, I copied the URL from the “Share” page of the Scenario and sent it to my friends! :)

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