My experiences with personal outsourcing

Over the last few years I’ve been experimenting with outsourcing. I’ve done this both for personal and business projects. In the personal domain, some people call this “lifesourcing”: the practice of modularizing and outsourcing parts of your life that you don’t enjoy so that you can maximize the parts that you do. It’s outsourcing (with many of the same pros and cons), but for your personal life.

A growing number of sites have popped up recently to facilitate lifesourcing, and while these sites aren’t strictly needed- you can still find skilled people to help you on Craigslist, for example- they make this sort of outsourcing even easier.

I’d like to talk about some tips and tricks, but first, let me list a few of the things that I have outsourced over the last couple of years.

Personal Things

(Micro-)business Things

Okay, so clearly I’ve experimented with this a fair bit. Here are some of the things that I’ve learned:

Are you a lifesourcer or a micro-outsourcer? What have you learned?